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"Hello Tom, I want to say a big THANK YOU! I have had only one coaching session with you, and it changed my entire life! Now I “understand”! But not on the intellectual level but on the very deepest level because "understanding turned into being”. I could write a whole essay about what has shifted in this one session with you, but no words could do it justice! I am grateful that I have been guided to you but then, I know being guided to you was just the logical next step on a journey which stopped to be a journey the day I met you and your wisdom. NOW I AM! Many thanks and blessings!! Brigitta"

Brigitta GumpoldOwner Brittico Design

"I reached out to Tom after some difficult challenges popped up in my life. Not only was Tom gentle, understanding and knowledgeable with some strategies I should employ, he also showed unparalleled care by not only coaching me , but not letting me give up and give into my lower states of being where I was residing. He continually reached out, helped me deal with things, and really put me on a path to really be something wonderful! Cannot recommend him enough."

William SmithSales and Marketing Specialist

"I have worked with Tom on multiple business planning projects & extensive detailed pro-forma’s & detailed projections for multiple types of health care projects & assorted clients. Primarily for the purpose of deploying & offering comprehensive Neurological services & products pertaining to Brain Mapping, Traumatic Brain Injuries, Concussion Management & Diverse Brain Damage Assessments. These are extremely complex service & product offerings requiring detailed analysis in multiple ways. Tom currently functions in the role of COO/CFO & does a remarkable job wearing both hats. His grasp of financial forecasting & financial management, financial analysis, budgeting, expense management, capx requirements are superior. He is the consummate professional & has routinely impressed & surprised me with his remarkable grasp of both management operations coupled with his extensive comprehensive financial management skills. As a former CEO of several companies I am not easily impressed, however, Tom is an exception to that trait. Simply put, he makes an organization better, more efficient & contributes to its success. I strongly & gladly provide this recommendation for Tom. "

William “Bill” HaleHale Advisory Groups, LLC

"I first met Tom while he was a teacher and Maximo Nivel's COO. He is a uniquely professional and inspiring person. He was continually striving for excellence while being attentive to other people and keeping his positive, uplifting, supporting attitude. I firmly believe he is the right person to guide other people in their way of becoming the best version of themselves both professionally and personally. I am pleased to provide him my highest recommendation."

Lizelie Lauz RadoNeuromarketing Specialist MD

"It was great having Tom from Be Something Wonderful on our podcast. He brought so much wisdom and I can absolutely vouch for his purpose and values. Thank you so much for appearing. I’m eager to celebrate your founder story with our audiences! You are making the world a better place with what you’ve been creating."

Josh ElledgeSyndicated TV Expert and Founder/CEO of UpMyInfluence

"Tom has a phenomenal story and is great on podcasts and shows! He has a powerful message with Be Something Wonderful and highly recommend him to anyone!"

Tom RogersCEO and Host of iSmart Podcast

"I've had to pleasure to work on a project with Tom and I don't know of a more uplifting, positive person than he is. He is always pushing to strive to excellence while having fun with the experience. I highly recommend Tom as an advisor, mentor, teammate, speaker, and coach. While he may have a plethora of knowledge and experience, his attitude and leadership are certainly second-to-none. Keep up the amazing work!"

Brian Thomas, MBA, FACHTCoruzant, CTO

"Tom is a wonderful professional and kind human being. He is very intelligent and works hard. I sincerely enjoyed working with him and found him to be easily approachable, driven to succeed, and a great team player."

Kristen HayesPublic Relations, Marketing, Communications

"I worked under Tom Kearin at Maximo Nivel. I was one of the lucky ones selected to teach after successfully completing my TEFL certification. Tom had always shown an interest in the success of his staff and clients, as well as providing positive feedback and guidance. I enjoyed the kind, caring, and fun loving environment that he helped cultivate and if ever given the opportunity, I would enjoy working with Tom again."

Sonia GordonSenior Program/Project Management - MBA, PMP, CSM

"I had a great pleasure of interviewing Tom Kearin for my Leadership with Biana Kovic Show. Tom has the unique ability to quickly connect, listen carefully and hone in on the tiniest details of the conversation. His insights are delightful, inspirational and almost mythical. They come from a deep place of experiencing and living a life that empowers others. Tom’s contagious sense of joy and adventure will nudge you gently in a direction that is full of unlocked potential. This is because Tom is authentically selfless in his contributions. His wisdom comes from a place of deep connection with the life itself. I highly recommend Tom for any future bookings."

Biana KovicRadio & Podcast Host & Producer | Leadership & NLP Coach

"Tom is a man that gets the job done. He has an uncanny ability to be direct and explicit in delivery while still managing to be empowering and constructive. His honesty, conviction, and workmanship make him an excellent source with whom to share ideas, develop strategies, and execute plans. Possessing strong workmanship, thoughtful insight, and genuine positivity, Tom is a very effective manager and he also makes for fantastic company. Needless to say, I would happily work for Tom again in the future."

Gabe JohnDirector of National Programs at Maximo Nivel

"Tom is one of the most inspiring people I have ever worked with. His energy is always high, his positivity is contagious and he knows how to motivate people. While working with Tom I always felt supported, his door was always open for advice and he would turn every situation into a learning experience. Much of my personal and professional growth is thanks to Tom, and he keeps inspiring me to Be Something Wonderful myself!"

Eveline VenteDirector of International Programs at Maximo Nivel

"I met Tom in 2013 during my TEFL certification course at Maximo Nivel in Cusco, Peru. I am very grateful for Tom because he believed in me as a person and in my abilities as an esl teacher - which enabled me to start and excel in my teaching career. Tom is also a pleasure to be around both professionally and personally. He always made time to talk and see how one was doing. He always transmitted positive energy and always gave positive reinforcement. It has been an honor to have worked with him for four years and a a pleasure to continue staying in touch."

Yorbalinda DiazTEFL Certified Native English Language Teacher

"The first time I talked to Tom was during my Skype interview for a job teaching English at Maximo Nivel in Cusco, Peru. He was the most senior staff at that location, yet he still took the time to personally interview all potential employees. The English teaching contracts are for six months only, so knowing that any or all of these interviewees could be gone in a few months didn't stop him from creating meaningful relationships with his employees from the very beginning. His devotion to his position and company really show when he can walk around the premise and name every one of the dozens of constantly rotating staff members. Every month we would hold staff meetings for each department and every month he would ask each teacher for suggestions or concerns about the curriculum, clients, etc. I only ever worked for Tom for six months, yet he still remembers and reaches out to me. I have had only a few positive experiences with managers in my career, and Tom is one of the best. His positive attitude and concern for all those who work for him create an amazing work atmosphere. Tom was a great manager to me and I made many lifelong friends working for his uplifting company. I can't wait to hear about what he does next!"

Lucas KingStudent of MSc NGO and Development Management at University of East London

"Tom was the Managing Director/COO for Maximo Nivel as I grew with Maximo Nivel over 4+ years. He really took the time to coach me, help me grow professionally. With the help of Tom's advice & leadership, I started in an entry level management position with MN and grew to a Country Manager position. I've learned a lot from Tom and I know you or anyone else will as well - he's got 30+ years of industry experience, and he was always willing to help me whenever I asked. His advice was priceless! And, I continue to use it on a daily basis."

Colin DempseyCountry Manager at Maximo Nivel-Guatemala

"I took one of the best decisions by choosing Maximo Nivel Cusco to be the place to learn English. It was one of the greatest experiences I had, and Tom showed me how enjoyable can be to learn another language in one of my first classes, from then, I knew this way of interacting with the teachers and other classmates was going to be a lot of fun. A great idea from a great person!"

Liz Stephany AymaGestora de atención a socios/as - Amnistía Internacional Perú

"Tom is a great person. He pays attention to details. He works hard on worker and customer satisfaction. He is well organized and excellent entrepreneur. It was a pleasure to work with Tom."

Jeannette HenriquezIndependent Consultant, Trainer, Coach & Curriculum Designer

"It was a privilege to have worked directly with Tom as a young manager/executive at Maximo Nivel for the last 3+ years. During that time, Tom challenged me to become a better version of myself on a daily basis. He held very high expectations of me and believed in my abilities. With his faith and support along the way, I was able to overcome difficult challenges and ultimately grow the organization to new levels. Few people can channel the same level of energy and excitement that Tom brings to the workplace on a daily basis. I deeply appreciated his positive energy, zest for life and willingness to lift up those around him. Without question, I am a stronger person and better manager today thanks to my time working with Tom."

Jack ClancyCountry Manager at Maximo Nivel

"Do not waste your time learning from average people. Always seek to learn from the best to become the best version of yourself. Tom Kearin helped me optimize my time with Maximo Nivel. He was quick to recognize my aptitude for teaching and acted upon that by offering me a position which turned out to serve as a life-changing opportunity for me. Tom has the necessary experience in leadership and coaching to help you Be Something Wonderful."

David GonzalesLicensed Bilingual Sales Agent at Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Nebraska

"Tom's passion for his work truly shines through his professionalism, his enthusiasm and his rapport with those working with him. He sees the best in everyone and makes a point to help others achieve their own goals. He noticed and employed me on my first teaching job and two years later continues to support and recommend me to other employers. I enjoyed working with him in the past and today it is a pleasure to keep in touch and see the great things he is creating."

Solene BurtzNonprofit Organization Management

"Tom inspired me to follow the path of my dreams when changing careers. He is an enthusiastic, highly intelligent professional who has the keen ability to relate to all types of people. Tom is educated and experienced in empowering others to shine through and truly be a better version of yourself."

Alison JeanEmbedded Support Specialist, Dartmouth-Hitchcock

"I worked with Tom for over 2 years in Cusco, Peru, both as an ESL teacher and as the Lead TEFL/TESOL trainer. Throughout the time that I worked with him, Tom was one of the lead driving forces of the business. Motivating, encouraging, and always having time to answer questions from his colleagues, he showed strong leadership skills, which gained him great respect from colleagues and clients alike. His knowledge of business in general, as well as the specific day-to-day running of the institute, was commendable, and his dedication to resolving issues and ensuring the smooth running of the company were a clear testimony of his business expertise."

Philip RaymondSpanish/Portuguese to English Translator at Click English

"Tom gave me, a 'Dutchy', the opportunity to work for Maximo Nivel as a Field Manager in Cusco, Peru. I always found him to be very knowledgeable and passionate and his level of enthusiasm and was incomparable. He definitely was the manager in the building and it was clear that he was working very hard to constantly improve the business. Still, he was always open for a chat and showed personal interest in each and every employee. I am very thankful for the confidence Tom he had in me, I believe he really makes an effort to see peoples qualities. It’s a pleasure to recommend Tom both personally and professionally and I am curious to see what Be Something Wonderful leads to in the future."

Tanja LeeuwenkamEx-Field Manager at Maximo Nivel, Peru

"Tom always pushed me to be a better version of myself both professionally and personally. During my time working under him at Maximo Nivel, he always acted truthfully and sincerely towards me. His motivation allowed me to see the opportunity for growth and development from my mistakes. There wasn't ever a time I felt like he didn't mean what he said, and that is gold in this day and age. I am lucky to have had Tom as a boss and as a mentor. I would work under Tom again any day with great pleasure."

Nadher MisadLanguage Instructor at Berlitz Corporation

"I had the pleasure of working with Tom in Peru, and later our paths crossed again in Guatemala. When we first met he was willing to take a chance on me and offer me my first teaching position. I am very grateful for the opportunity he presented me and two years later I am continuing to grow and develop in this field. He always endeavoured to help each individual achieve their own personal goals from their time in Peru and he has continued to be supportive and interested in my future since. I hope to one day work with Tom again, wherever it may be that our paths cross next."

Greg WitherspoonEnglish Teacher at Number 16 School

"I worked under Tom for almost two years all across Latin America, and he pushed me to grow as a businessperson and manager in so many ways. Working with Tom, I learned how to speak up and stand out in a fast-paced environment saturated with a lot of voices. Tom helped me to grow into an effective, powerful, and exacting force, and I will always remember the multitude of workplace lessons I took from our experience working together."

Jordan A. ParryEducation Management & Program Development at ShareLingo

"Tom is a powerful force. Tom was one of my TEFL instructors in Costa Rica in August ’08 and subsequently became my manager while teaching in Cusco, Peru until February of ‘09. Tom brings a large quantity of positive attributes to the table. He has an unparalleled combination of intelligence, confidence, and enthusiasm, which is second to none. As my TEFL instructor, he would consistently bring a positive and energetic attitude to the classroom. He would always present new material in an extremely clear and focused manner. This, in conjunction with a strong attention to detail, enabled me to digest lots of new information in a short amount of time. He also provided me with honest and constructive feedback after the “mini-lesson” portion of TEFL training, which proved invaluable later on in my teaching. It quickly becomes apparent after meeting Tom that he has a success driven mindset combined with a seemingly innate fearlessness to face all of life’s challenges head on. In addition, Tom possesses a fantastic sense of humor. He kept me laughing from day one until my final departure from Maximo Nivel and made my time abroad some of the best days of my life. He was the major reason I accepted a teaching position in Cusco, Peru. I clearly recommend him to any organization and fully support him in any future endeavors he chooses to pursue."

Michael HarringtonInformation Technology and Services Professional

"I had the honor of working under Tom at Maximo Nivel, Cusco Peru. In my time there, I found Tom to be an extraordinary boss and manger. He has a keen ability to create a successful company, that not only runs optimally but truly keeps all of its employees happy. Under Tom’s management, Maximo Nivel is a friendly, organized and dynamic environment that provides all of its clients with the best services possible. Tom’s managerial approach of keeping a constant dialogue between clients, teachers, and administration is highly effective, and constantly drives Maximo to excel each month. Additionally Tom always keeps in mind the well being of his employees and is highly understanding and flexible. Working with Tom was an amazing experience, which I would love to do again any day."

Sophia TarasovaESL Tutor

"I have had the pleasure and benefit of working with Tom. Tom has provided direction in instability, is focused and driven in his daily work habit and is a fearless leader focused on the P&L. Tom taught me several things, first and foremost, the right team drives success. He is a great CEO with a broad understanding of business and what is required to succeed. I sincerely hope I have the pleasure of working on Tom’s team again in the future."

SC DixonStealtfully looking for the next great opportunity!

"I have known Tom since he was the CFO of Smart Systems International(SSI) in the 1990s. I was on the Board of Directors and a personal friend of Joe Riley, the Founder and CEO of SSI. Both Joe and I come from Silicon Valley. Tom was a key part of the start-up team at SSI and a critical contributor to the early development of the company and its subsequent success. Tom demonstrated key financial and business leadership stretching beyond the role of a typical senior financial executive. Indeed, after the death of the Founder, Tom and I closed an $11MM equity financing that was essential to the company´s survival. The success of the financing was in large part due to his financial expertise as the CFO, and his infectious energy and enthusiasm to get the deal done, and bring the Company to financial safety. Tom was also intimately involved in sales and all other areas of operations. After Joe´s death, the responsibility to bring SSI to safety and later to success was on my and Tom´s shoulders. After the financing and when I joined as President and CEO, Tom and I worked closely on a daily basis building a formidable business platform that poised SSI for rapid future growth. Tom´s input and help reached far beyond the financial area and into every other part of the Company´s operations. With Tom´s help, we moved SSI (a company that previously was out of cash and had few solid sales prospects) to profitability and ongoing operations within months of the close of the financing. Tom was a pleasure to work with, to coach and mentor. And now, it´s great to see how he has continued to mature into a seasoned business executive and has grown leaps and bounds beyond just a financial guy. I am delighted to recommend Tom and wish him continued success in his career."

Ron DaviesPresident CEO at ProGolf International Inc

"He’s a brilliant person in both aspects, professionals and humans. He can see what’s inside people and making them comfortables when some problems is on the way and achieving their goals. Amazing in organizing groups and tasks works. It was a pleasure working with him."

Gaetano BaroneGo in Italy Tour Company

"Tom Kearin is a very energetic, creative and consistent TEFL instructor. I had a great time learning from him, as he taught my class the TEFL basics, and then worked with us, individually, to strengthen our teaching techniques and build our confidence. The structure of Tom’s classes allowed him to provide us with all of the necessary skills and information to become strong ESL teachers, in a matter of just a few weeks and it is because of his precision and tremendous teaching skills that I’m glad I took his class. I graduated from Tom’s TEFL course with a very strong sense of achievement, and a newfound confidence in my teaching abilities. Tom is very professional, and handled even those students who struggled with great respect. His words were nothing but encouraging, and he definitely knows how to build energy in a classroom. I have nothing but good things to say about Tom, and am very glad to have had the opportunity to learn this very valuable skill from him."

Sonja WeichSpecial Assistant, Office of the Superintendent at Newark Public Schools

"Tom is an excellent mentor and teacher. He takes the time to make sure that his students understand/fully comprehend the work. He makes time for questions prompted by his students and is always available to give sound advice when it comes to the work involved that allows his students to succeed."

Niquae McIntoshExecutive Assistant at Writers’ Alliance of Newfoundland & Labrador

"Tom was a great TEFL instructor. I was his TEFL student in Peru in summer of 2008. He was very energetic and encouraging of his students. He was very confident and knowledgeable of the topic and helped instill that confidence in his students. He worked well with others in a group and individually to help us improve our teaching skills. Tom was a wonderful teacher, motivator, and overall mentor for his students."

Tracy HuynhRN, MSN, FNP-C

"Tom was my TEFL Trainer at Maximo Nivel in 2007. He was an excellent instructor, provided great feedback, was very high energy and motivating. I learned a great deal from Tom, and can’t imagine what my teaching experience would have been like without my superb TEFL course."

Elena SprickBusiness Development Associate at HHS

"Mr. Kearin is one of the most thorough and passionate people I know. His ability to educe the best from an individual should not be overlooked, nor passed by. On a daily basis I refer to the presidence he set for lesson plans, and it is flawless. I have the utmost respect Mr. Kiearin, and will continue to recomend him as a valuable asset to any company."

Robert HulettOwner at hands on teaching

"Tom was my instructor in the TESOL program at Maximo Nivel in Cusco, Peru. He was a consummate professional in every way. He took the study of English grammar and transformed it into something that was interesting, fun, and actually exciting. Even though he had taught this course many times before, Tom brought an infectious enthusiasm to every lesson. It was a pleasure having him as a teacher."

Gary JohnsonIndependent Writing and Editing Professional

"I had the pleasure of taking Thomas Wayne’s TEFL class in 2007. I was traveling through Peru and learning so much about culture and life. Taking Tom’s class gave me purpose and much respect amoungst the locals. Being an an English teacher helped me feel as though I had a place in the Peru instead of just being a tourist. I will always be greatful for my experience. Thanks Peru, thanks Maximo Nivel, and thanks Tom."

Blueray CurtissSolar Product Manager at OneSource Distributors

"Tom” was my teacher at Maximo Nivel in Cuzco, Peru. Tom was a superb teacher in every facet within the classroom. He demonstrated his wealth of knowledge not only in the arena of how to teach future teachers, but he also exhibited the rare ability of working with a diverse array of students and supporting them through their journey as student teachers. Tom’s people skills and ability to practice what he preaches are just some of the skill sets that makes him a valuable resource no matter where he chooses to work."

Patrick LeeSoftware Engineer at SAIC

"I consulted for Smart Systems International on and off, and in the process met both Tom and the people that worked with him. Tom’s energy and enthusiasm were infectious – motivating both himself and those around him – in various departments – to do whatever it takes to build and deliver a successful product and business."

Wyatt RileySoftware Developer - Android Location at Google

"Thom trained me to be an ESL teacher during a TEFL program in Cusco, Peru. Tom is a dynamic, high-energy instructor who manages to not only capture the essence of solid, successful ESL teaching but who also has a delivery and style which are both invigorating and motivational. I was one of eleven students in his class over the course of a month, and I never felt out of the loop or overlooked. Tom did an excellent job of inclusiveness, and helped craft a rapport among the students which proved to be self-sustaining. For these reasons and many others, I highly recommend Thomas Wayne Kearin in any training capacity."

Danielle VillarrealDigital Strategist

"I worked under Tom as an ESL teacher at Maximo Nivel in Cusco, Peru. I found him to be professional and balanced in his dealings with staff. His professional approach, limitless enthusiasm and strong focus on maintaining high standards contribute to making Maximo Nivel the highly successful business that it is."

Daniel Wilson- at -

"I had the opportunity to learn from Mr. Kearin in May of 2008. Stepping into Cusco, Peru to learn to be an instructor of English as a foreign language had always been a dream of mine. Little did I know the difficulties that were to lie ahead. Fortunately, I had Tom as my instructor and, although things on my side were not good in the beginning, his guidance allowed me to become a good instructor and pass the course with confidence. His professionalism and demeanor is a benefit to all."

Adam W GuinnProject Engineer

"Tom trained me as a TEFL teacher during june 07 and was an excellent instructor. He was engaging and knowledgeable. He was abe to present the subject matters in ways that were understandable and yet dynamic. He was able to give excellent constructive criticism and help the students develope their teaching style. I gained a 6 month teaching contract largely due to being able to practice what I had learnt under Toms teaching."

Richard BerryEvents Manager

"Tom Kearin was a Director of the ESL program at Maximo Nivel. I studied under Tom at the Costa Rica location. He was thoughtful and attentive to all of the students enrolled in the program. Tom was an excellent professor and guided new enrollments. The transition of learning in another country is not always easy, but Tom provided insightgful advice and practical knowledge. As well being a professor of ESL studies, he also managed schools at other Maximo Nivel locations. Tom taught me to be more than a ESL teacher. The tools I learned have helped me in varied work experiences and throughout my life."

Dan KrauseSales Associate ALM

"Tom was a highly motivated TEFL teacher trainer, whose enthusiasm and love for his work were infectious and inspiring. His support and guidance ensured that we left the course feeling prepared, confident and ready to teach independently."

Hana EgglestonFreelance Translator, Proofreader and TEFL trainer

"I was fortunate enough to have trained as an ESL instructor at Maximo Nivel whilst Tom Kearin was the director of the TEFL/TESOL Teacher Training Program. It was instantly obvious that Tom is highly professional and deeply knowledgeable in aspects of both ESL Education and Business, which enabled him to deliver extremely successful TEFL training programs. This success resonating in all roles undertaken within the Maximo Nivel organisation and held in high regard by both students and peers. At all times Tom injected great amounts of energy and enthusiasm into all levels of the organisation, being highly versatile, dynamic and inspiring. This critical influential guidance and support provided both new potential ESL instructors and experienced ESL instructors with essential insight and perspective on the world ESL teaching."

Sanjay PatelDirector

"As Director of PATAS Travel Agency/Maximo Nivel, Cusco, Peru it was a pleasure and great experience working with Tom. His ability to deal with different problems simultaneously without neglecting the goals set by the company always impressed me. His management style combines not only the ability to listen proactively, thus being able to react and offer help if needed, but also to delegate tasks if required. His talent to motivate staff and pupils is phenomenal. While working closely with Tom on how to improve PATAS he was always open for new suggestions and thoughts and ready to discuss these, even if he was pressed for time. His reliability and clarity regarding the implementation of set goals, was one of many traits that contributed to a fantastic work environment. Without question, Tom would be an asset to any company and team and I am glad to have had the privilege of working with him."

Michael DostHR MANAGER MSX International, Köln

"As soon as I entered the Intercultural Institute at Maximo Nivel, Tom, took me under his wing and treated me like a valued member of the team. I’ll always remember Tom because he is the heart of the Institute. Whether, it’s at the Maximo Nivel TEFL parties when he acts as the master of ceremony or him meeting and greeting every Maximo Nivel student and coworker entering and leaving the building. Tom displays professionalism, intellectualism, and integrity on a daily basis."

Andrew BalderramaBusiness Development Manager at Northwest Landscape Services

"Tom is a committed manager and although professional, always has his colleagues best interests in mind and goes out of his way to make people feel comfortable and appreciated."

Clare SaddProgramme Support Expert - Somalia Programme at UNHabitat

"I had the pleasure to work with Thomas Wayne Kearin in Cusco, Peru. He is not only the General Manager at Maximo Nivel, but a mentor among the staff. Always present in daily activities, he is a person who leads by example. Tom inherently takes on additional responsibilities with an infectious enthusiasm that motivates all who work with him. Combined with his extensive experience and expertise in business, Tom can create success out of any endeavor."

Cameron MillerTeacher

"Tom was a very professional manager who worked diligently to meet the needs and concerns of other teachers. His hard work and enthusiasm resulted in his high level of respect by others within Maximo Nivel. It was a pleasure to work with him."

Carey SaundersRegistered Nurse at Duke University Hospital

"As a student at Máximo Nivel during December of 2009, I had the opportunity to work closely with Tom and can testify to a number of his attributes as both an educator and an executive. Tom’s management skills are par excellence, he is constantly monitoring day to day operations and ensuring that everything is running smoothly. In addition, Tom goes out of his way to acknowledge clients and make sure that their needs are met; his verve and enthusiasm are infectious. As an educator Tom’s ability to build rapport and motivate his students while providing incisive and constructive criticism is truly exceptional."

Roozbeh KaboliDigital Performance Analytics & CX

"I worked for Tom for 6 months as a teacher at Maximo Nivel. He runs an excellent company, and treats his employees with respect and is always very responsive to feedback. He is a responsible and organized manager, and is always looking to improve his company."

Erica Smith4th grade ELD teacher at Tempe Elementary School District

"I brought Tom on as a business development consultant for our international expansion plans in 2003. I must say that I was pleasantly suprised by Tom’s ability to get involved and learn our business. It took Tom no time to plug in and become an integral part of the team. You can count on Tom’s candor, integrity and desire to achieve the common goal when collaborating on a project."

Aaron MillsDigital Ad Operations - Real Time Bidding & Analytics

"Tom is a success driven boss capable of motivating his team toward great results. At Maximo he created an open forum of discussion between the professors and management allowing for both sides to freely express their concerns. His management style was perfect for the atmosphere and in my experience he was always professional and involved without micro managing."

Ian MillerInside Sales Team Leader at GE

"It is a true pleasure for me to write this recommendation for Tom. I’ve worked with him as his Assistant General Manager for two years, and without question, two of the most rewarding years of my stay in Maximo Nivel. I had the honor and privilege of sharing the good and bad moments with him. He is the best example of energy, charisma, responsibility, consistency and perseverance. He was very generous with his time and always happy to help and guide me and my colleges. I wholeheartedly recommend Tom for any job position. In fact, I can think of few people I would recommend this highly. I can envision Tom as a remarkable and competent addition to any company or business lucky enough to hire him."

Oscar Ramiro Ortega MurguíaProfessor at Universidad San Ignacio de Loyola (USIL)

"I had the pleasure of working with Tom from 2007-2009, during which time Tom held two positions at Maximo Nivel. As the Director of our Teacher Training Program, Tom trained hundreds of ESL teachers from a variety of nationalities, age groups and backgrounds. I consistently received excellent feedback from all of Tom’s students who admired his enthusiasm, energy, and passion for teaching. As General Manager, Tom oversaw my work as Director of International Programs. Tom was an inspiring, approachable and supportive manager. He demonstrated the ability to empower his staff to successfully fulfill their roles and he always shared the credit for Maximo Nivel’s successes."

Eliza RaymondInternational Programmes Coordinator at Family Planning

"I worked for Tom as an English language teacher at Maximo Nivel in Cusco Peru. He is highly motivated and professional. He is committed to his job and expects only the best from the teachers he employs. He is very approachable and makes an effort to build a professional relationship with his staff. He has helped to build a successful and respected educational institution and business. He has helped to develop the institutions own curriculum and formative assessments which cover all aspects of Teaching English as a foreign language. He has also helped to develop Maximo Nivels own internationally accredited TEFL/TESOL certification course. As a teacher of EFL and a teacher trainer of TEFL he is very knowledgeable and has the ability to motivate his students to learn. I highly recommend him."

Dominic BatesHead of Department at Oeiras International School

"I had the pleasure of working for Tom Kearnin for 6 months at Maximo Nivel in Cusco, Peru. I was an English Teacher and I reported directly to Tom. I felt comfortable coming to him with any problems and issues I had because he had a wealth of knowledge and experience to draw from. My success as an English Teacher was guided by Tom’s help and assistance. He gives care to his staff and, as a result, they thrive under his leadership."

Kenneth MilanoESL Instructor

"I had the great pleasure to work with Tom for almost five years at Maximo Nivel. From the beginning, he showed the highest level of enthusiasm, efficiency, perseverance, among many other qualities. As English teacher Tom was exceptional, the students always requested to have him as their teacher and feedback about him was always perfect. His performance as a TEFL trainer was also outstanding, he has been mentor for many teachers and without a doubt his contribution represents the bases of Maximo Nivel teaching methodology. As general manager, Tom was hardworking, accessible and supportive; his knowledge and executive experience were assets to the organization, he facilitated the communication, work flow and decision making. I believe Tom will succeed at any project he undertakes, he will be an important addition to any company."

Heidy Aspilcueta LoayzaOperations Manager LAFL

"Tom is the most enthusiastic person I have ever met, he works hard and gets results. His energy is highly motivating. He knows his job inside and out and strives to always improve on his approach to provide the best output. With his passionate attitude and warm, friendly personality, Tom puts you at ease if you feel like a fish out of water or are feeling the pressures of the task in hand. Tom is the glue that holds the place together, the drive and the inspiration. Every workplace needs a Tom!"

Matthew LuscombeIndependent Filmmaker

"Tom was a professional, detail-oriented manager at Maximo Nivel. He provided guidance through monthly teacher meetings and made himself available daily for any questions or concerns. Working with Tom, I found his efficiency and direct communication very helpful as a teacher."

Madeline ArmstrongLeadership Community Coordinator at IDEO U

"I worked under Tom Kearin for a year in 2010-2011 at Maximo Nivel. He is a highly enthusiastic and knowledgeable manager, with excellent organizational skills. He understands the great value of employees’ morale and always goes an extra mile to keep his crew happy and on top of their performance. Tom is able to deal with problems in a professional manner, keeping a good balance between his clients’ interests and those of his staff members. Besides, he has managed to train a highly succesful team of assistants which further proves his managerial abilities. Overall, I enjoyed working with Tom and, given an opportunity, would do it again."

Alexei YasenkoTranslator at Step Forward Translation & Interpretation Services

"I worked under Tom at Maximo Nivel Executive Language Center in Cusco, Peru. I found him to be a very fair boss, understanding of the needs of both the students and the staff. I wouldn’t hesitate to encourage others to work for him."

Michael CurtisColumbia Law School ’14

"Tom is a client-focused Director and TEFL Trainer that guides his team to outstanding results in many English language education settings."

Justin HoganGraduate Teaching Assistant at Old Dominion University

"Tom was my TEFL trainer in 2007. He helps get the best out of any personality type whether shy or extrovert and is never too busy for anyone. Always a positive upbeat figure, the multi-talented Tom would breathe life into any tired, slow-moving or off the rails project that needs an injection of passion and know-how from a person with a can-do attitude. He has a rare ability to inspire and get people believing in a common goal. You feel charisma when it walks in the room and Tom has it in bucket loads! Highly recommended!"

Aaron MatthewsBusiness Development Executive

"Tom was my original TEFL trainer in 2007 in Maximo Nivel. Following this, I worked for the same school for a 6 month contract. During that time I worked closely with Tom. His experience, knowledge, and compassion were instrumental in me finding my first TEFL teaching experience so rewarding. In fact, it is still my profession today."

Jerrod HeiserTeacher at EF Education First

"Tom Kearin provided me with the opportunity to educate Peruvian people in the Andean city of Cusco. The language institute, “Maximo Nivel Intercultural Center,” is a phenomenal organization at which teachers, students, and volunteers get together to share cultural and linguistic ideas (as well as other projects). While working at Maximo, Tom gave me autonomy during class time (a hands-off management style) while also facilitating workshops and other opportunities to grow as an ESL Instructor. These meetings allowed teachers to share ideas and to develop as individuals, ultimately improving the teachers and the language institute collectively. Originally a CPA (starting his career at KPMG), Tom went above and beyond by offering certification courses for Business English (as well as for TOEFL / International Exams). These certifications strengthened my resume and made my time in Cusco even more worthwhile. My experience at Maximo Nivel was outstanding, and I appreciate Tom’s willingness to help me every step of the way. Be sure to reach out to Tom and the rest of the Maximo Nivel team during your job search."

Ryan Gotschall, CPAAudit Staff at EY

"Tom is an excited, knowledgable, and experienced teacher who manages to take difficult subjects – Teaching English as a Second Language and associated grammar, and break them down into manageable sections. He inspires and encourages his classes and colleagues, allowing them to break down their own walls, and has extreme patience when both his English and Spanish students struggle. I learned a lot about teaching and a lot ore about myself through his course, and am a better teacher and more sensitive person because of his guidance."

Heather HoustonGraduate School Applicant and Freelance Writer

"Tom is a highly reliable and skilled TEFL Trainer who is great at motivating students. With his hands-on mentality, he always gets the job done. I had a fantastic time participating in his course and would definitely recommend him."

Michaela BoitinBusiness Analyst

"Tom was an excellent TEFL teacher and provided great advice during my time at Maximo. He served simultaneously as Managing Director and handled both positions effectively. Highly recommended."

Brett ZiterRenewable Energy Professional, MASc, EIT, BEng

"Tom is an excellent, even an Ace Teacher of ESL…when he teaches, he has the whole class in his hand and the students learn a lot while having a great time. Tom is also an excellent businessman and manager. He has grown a school to 1200 students, and he has recruited a great group of teachers and administrators to help him manage such an excellent school."

Matt JordanBusiness Meeting Planner for Brazil and Latin America at WorldStrides Capstone Programs

"Tom was an amazing instructor/career coach. He provided excellent instruction with deep detailed knowledge of the subject,used out of the box ideas & implementation, and brought a high level of integrity to everything he did. I highly recommend him for whatever job he is qualified for."

Melissa De SotoBilingual Instructional Assistant at Santa Barbara County Education Office

"Tom is a true expert in ESOL training. I had the priviledge of studying under him for 2 weeks in Guatemala. The course was intensive, well organized, and provided a proven, systematic approach to teaching ESOL. I have 3 master’s degrees but wanted TESOL certification as well. His leadership with Maximo Nivel sets the highest standards. I am looking forward to returning for additional study opportunities. His commitment to excellence guarantees success. Thank you Tom for helping me gain and implement new strategies for everyday use in the classroom."

Homeretta AyalaESOL Instructor CCBC

"I worked under Tom as an English teacher at Maximo Nivel. As a boss, Tom did a great job of making sure everyone was doing their jobs at a high level and keeping the morale of the teachers up. Always in good spirits, Tom was a very positive person to work under. He is a very hardworking and respectable person that any company would be lucky to have."

Cameron TillischIndependent Broadcast Media Professional

"During my six month contract as an ESL professor at Maximo Nivel, Tom was a dedicated, attentive and hands-on director. I admired how he took the time to get to know each English teacher, both professionally and as an individual. His energetic management style and attention to detail helped me to become a better instructor. This, along with his great rapport with the clients, ensured Maximo Nivel place as the most respected language institute in Cusco, Peru."

Deon HauserEnglish Coach for Executives

"I am lucky to have worked with Tom Kearin! From the moment I met Tom in person, I was impressed with his energy and enthusiasm. It is contagious. As the CFO of the organization, I often turned to Tom as a sounding board for thoughts and ideas as well as to pick his brain for great ideas. His finance and accounting background coupled with his more recent experience on the operations side of the business gives him a unique insite."

Randy Ford, CPACPA/CFO For Financial Projects For Your Business CFO

"Tom is the Managing Director at Maximo Nivel in Cusco, Peru. Tom was very effective as the Director at our location and a very efficient manager of the entire staff. I enjoyed my time working with Tom and for Maximo Nivel Intercultural Center."

Trevor ChaseHelping businesses to be customer centric companies - Account Executive, Emerging Small Business at Salesforce

"I worked directly with Tom while working at Maximo Nivel in Cusco, Peru as a teacher. Tom was an extremely motivating and approachable boss whose enthusiasm for his job helped me to become a better teacher myself. He consistently made sure he was aware of his staff’s wellbeing, both professionally and personally, and always welcomed opinions and suggestions from his staff on how to improve the business. With his friendly and caring nature and his attention to detail, Tom is easily one of the best supervisors I have had the pleasure to work with."

Erin ImburgiaGraduate Clinician and Student of Bilingual Speech Language Pathology

"I met Tom while he was the CFO of Smart Systems International. His enthusiasm about his company and products, the professionalism and dedication of his work, his regular, accurate and very informative reporting to shareholders introduced me to the world of start-up companies (or the VC world) and that was the best introduction I could have dreamed of."

Xavier DarcheSenior VP Engineering at Altice

"I worked under Tom for three months as an ESL teacher at Máximo Nivel in Cusco, Peru. Tom is an exceptional director at Máximo – Peru. He has great rapport with the institute’s clients and learners. Most importantly for me, he was an excellent resource for the teachers. He was helpful, fair, and knowledgeable. I always felt comfortable going to Tom with any questions or concerns that I had. I was happy to be a teacher for Tom and would welcome the opportunity to work for or with him again in the future."

Matthew PaviaTest Technician at Hyland, creator of OnBase

"I spent a few months working under Tom, and from this time i had a great time learning valuable experiences. Friendly, caring and loyal a few words that describe Tom."

Carl Hewsoni

"During my time at Maximo Nivel, Tom was an energetic manager and a helpful mentor. He consistently provided guidance to the teaching staff, making my job enjoyable and allowing me to improve as a teacher. Tom skillfully managed an international staff and his commitment to detail and excellence made Maximo Nivel the most respected language institute in the city of Cuzco."

Corey SchwitzMBA Candidate at Columbia Business School

"I have known Tom since 1981, when he started training with me in the martial arts. He was hard working, dedicated and skilled at his studies and was an invaluable help later in running classes and programs. He recieved his black belt from me in 1984 and we have maintained contact as he moved up in the business world. I would recommend his energy and enthusiasm as driving factors in his success and would hire him in a second given the opportunity (think that one over!). I wish him all the best in his new position."

Dr. Nick ChamberlainDoctor of Chiropractic and owner of Chamberlain Studios of Self Defense

"Tom Kearin is a founder and director of one of the leading international educational organizations in the western hemishpere, serving both native-english speaking professionals who wish to enhance their careers and non-English speakers who need to become fluent and proficient in the global arena where English is the language of currency. Tom’s schools in several different countries offer state of the art programs to students and professionals alike, preparing them for the international employment marketplace. Tom is a charismatic and dynamic leader and mentor for his staff of professional language instructors, international project/team coordinators, and the hundreds of students and clients his school serves daily. I benefitted from his guidance and leadership as director of the school where I received my international ESL and TBL certification and also had the privielge of taking a course directly from him in teaching Businesss English. The course was well designed, based on Tom’s many years’ as entrepreneur and successful CEO, and very appropriate for the needs of a global business clientele. Additionally, Tom was an inspiring and articulate source of knowledge, and the course was a blast! I look forward to working with Tom or under his direction on any educational or entrepreneurial project at the present or at any time in the future. He is a valuable asset to the world of international educators."

Rebecca SalomeOwner, Entrepreneurial Authors

"Tom Kearin was my instructor in a Business English course at Maximo Nivel in Cusco, Peru. Tom made the course very interesting by providing relevant examples of his experiences in companies he has worked in. All of the students enjoy his teaching style. We were taught in a highly professional manner that got us all involved and made us want to excel. I highly recommend Tom for both his business acumen and his way of working with his students."

Todd KortInternational Program Manager, Khon Kaen University College of Management Science

"I worked and studied under Tom at Maximo Nivel, Cusco, Peru for 7 months during 2010. As an English teacher, I reported to Tom and also Tom was my trainer for the Teaching Business English course and English International Exam Preparation course. As a manager Tom is very dynamic and professional. He regularly communicated with me and other staff members and he addressed any issues that came up. As a trainer, Tom’s courses were top notch and I enjoyed them immensely. I especially enjoyed the Business English course which Tom is ideally suited to teach because of his extensive experience in English teaching, Business and Accounting. The Business English course was therefore fun and interesting."

Darren LetchfordIT Consultant at 2M Consultancy Ltd

"Thomas is a man of great character and integrity. He is a CEO that has helped Maximo-Nivel reach out and educate thousands of students to reach their dreams. Thomas and I are both Black belts in Asian Martial Arts which demands great self respect and discipline. He is a man that has Global experience and would bring his CPA ,and his Managerial skills to the table with any organization. Thomas leads by example and has the ability to inspire all those around him. He is the first to arrive on the job and the last person to close up shop at the end of the day. He is a man who lives by his word and sticks by his employees. Thomas knows how to train and nuture others to reach their highest potential. I am proud to call Thomas my friend. He would be a great asset for any organization. Sincerely, John E. Davies, CEO, International Executive Protection Services."

John DaviesTEFL Career Development/Martial Arts Instructor

"I worked directly for Tom as an English teacher in Peru, and reported indirectly to him as a trainer in Costa Rica. He was also my trainer to learn how to teach English, so I think I know his management style better than many. He is a fun and terrific boss. He is experienced and knowledgeable, yet overall very open-minded. I felt like he really listened to my comments and opinions, and he always responded to my questions quickly. He made me feel like a valued member of the team. I would, without question, work for Tom again."

Sherry HowellDirector of Client Success at CenterEdge Software

"Tom was a very accommodating and reasonable boss to work for. He was approachable and demonstrated leadership skills in listening to the concerns of staff members and following up on any action taken to address our concerns on a regular basis. Maximo Nivel is a great international company and I am continually amazed by the long hours and dedicated work that Tom puts into the company. He truly cares about his employees as well as the clients and goes out of his way to make sure that your work experience abroad is as smooth as possible."

Nora BeckstrandEarly Head Start Home Visitor at Community Action

"Tom was an excellent supervisor. He always made his expectations clear, he offered constructive criticism when called for, and he applauded and rewarded good work. During staff meetings, he individually checked in with each teacher to get an update on his or her wellbeing – personal and professional. He consistently welcomed opinions or suggestions about improving classes or administrative procedures. Tom was also in charge of monthly professional development workshops for Maximo Nivel teachers. He planned creative activities and presented them with humor. I enjoyed and benefited from Tom’s direction, and I wholeheartedly recommend him as a supervisor."

Lindsey BonnerInstructor Community Specialist at Udemy

"Tom is a hard-working and motivational general manager who is constantly seeking to improve the success of his institute and the well-being of his workforce. Tom’s professional style, paired with his friendly and approachable nature, make him a real asset to Maximo Nivel and a pleasure to work for. It is because of this unique blend of skills and traits that I would not hesistate to recommend Tom for any future endeavours."

Stuart HarrisonConsultant at Mercer UK

"I worked with Tom for approximately 5 years. He is extremely hard working, putting in longer hours than anyone I have worked with in past. He and I worked side by side in the beginning committed to generate sales and grow Smart Systems International. He also questioned every dime that was spent at Smart Systems making sure books and records were in perfect order for auditors and investors in Smart Systems. He also worked very closely with GFI Energy Ventures to Secure 10 million private investment in Smart Systems. Tom would be an asset to any Company existing or any start-up venture."

Troy HartmannPresident at Pacific Energy Service & Facilities, Inc

"Tom Kearin is an excellent teacher and mentor."

Eric BuschPrimary/Secondary Education Professional

"Thomas Wayne Kearin was a superb general manager. In his office, he was diligent and hard-working and out of the office, he was positive and laid-back. Tom was also a very fun and effective educator while teaching Business English. I consider Tom to be a professional friend and recommend him highly."

Nicholas AndersonM.A. Environmental Policy, American University

"I studied and worked under Tom when I was at Maximo Nivel in Cusco, Peru. Tom was lead TEFL instructor and General Manager of Maximo Nivel. Tom exhibited several characteristics that I believe should characterize a person in any profession, especially an instructor and/or General Manager of an organization: attention to detail as it concerns the subject matter or performance of an organization; honest and accurate criticism/critique of student or worker performance; a sense of humor; and likability. I observed these characteristics from Tom and strive to exhibit these very same qualities in my professional capacity. I highly recommend Tom in any profession he endeavors to pursue in the near future!"

Kevin J. PatrickInternational Student Advisor at Ball State University

"It was my pleasure to work side by side with Tom through the years at Smart Systems. Far more than “just” CFO, Tom was involved in every aspect and every decision at SSI, and made sure decisions got carried out. I was on 50% travel, and Tom was my lifeline to the company, ensuring I was up to date, and ensuring what I needed done was handled. In other words, a total team player. He was totally open to new ideas, and without hesitation, would change course for the path of least resistance, which will always endear him to me. That, and an easy, infectious laugh and a sense of humor made working at SSI the best experience of my career. I’d be delighted to recommend Tom to any quality organization."

David WinebergCouncilman, Milford PA

"Tom was an excellent manager and a friendly boss to work for. He does a fantastic job of governing an international staff composed of both Peruvians and foreigners. Tom is responsive to employee as well as business needs and regulates a sound working environment. Working for Maximo Nivel was a pleasure and I would certainly recommend Tom as a talented administrator and individual."

Chad DelroseCorporate Development - Ventures & Acquisitions at Accenture

"When I met Tom he was, and still is, the General Manager at Maximo Nivel. I took the TEFL course there, which I highly recommend to anyone. I then went on to take the course in Exam Preparation, which is also extremely helpful. Tom has been a very congenial and professional person to know and to study under. He is interested in the students and the professors who work for him. He is always easy to reach, and is available to his staff and students for questions. Tom has a pleasant personality, treats people fairly, and it is always a joy to see him helping everyone. I highly recommend him as a General Manager, and for any endeavor he might pursue in the future."

Randi MitchellTeacher at Texas International Education Consortium

"It was a pleasure to work with Tom during my time as an ESL teacher at Maximo Nivel. He helped maintain a friendly and professional environment. I found him to be positive and enthusiatic about his work. I am grateful for his encouragement and his dedication to making Maximo Nivel the best it can be."

Valerie NocePNP Student at University of Pennsylvania

"Tom’s responsive management style provided me with evolving and challenging oppurtunities that were sell-suited and tailored to me as an employee. My experience working for Tom is defined by my own sky-high morale, well-being, and happiness despite my having poor health in a developing country. His energies were directed to maintaining a healthy, vibrant, and fair environment conducive to overall sucess."

Jason BaerAlways trying to be good and useful

"Thomas Wayne was a motivational leader who consistently sought to improve his school. His example as an educator and his eye for creativity was inspirational to all English teachers on staff."

Meghann AshleySpecial Education Teacher

"In my more than 6 years of teaching experience I have attended many seminars, courses, and conferences. I must recognize that my teaching style changed for the good since I attended Thomas’s class at Maximo Nivel during a one month intensive TEFL course. One of the most important things I thank Thomas for is that he made me realize I used to spend most of the class time speaking instead of allowing my students to do most of the talking. This completely changed the way my classes were given and of course the way my students learn English. I recommend Thomas for he is an expert and seeks excellency in all he does."

Lynn MoraE-Commerce Corporate Manager at Libertador Hotels, Resorts & Spas + Digital Disruptor

"As General Manager at Maximo Nivel, Tom did a great job overseeing the volunteer programs and the language classes. I was privileged to have him as a teacher for a class called “Teaching Business English.” His enthusiasm, encouragement and high energy made it a joy to be one of his students; I learned a great deal in a short amount of time."

Alexa KumbierElementary School Teacher

"Tom is a highly motivated and enthusiastic TEFL trainer and EFL teacher. He is creative, capable of changing teaching approaches based on learner styles and extremely passionate about helping students and fellow teachers. He is a patient and conscientious professional."

Tina KjolhaugInternational Recruitment Coordinator at The University of South Dakota

"Tom and I were colleagues at Maximo Nivel between 2004 and 2009. During that time, I had the opportunity to work directly with Tom on a daily basis. As a educator, he brings unparalleled passion and energy to his work; as a businessperson, he is intelligent, personable, and extremely knoweldgeable. In short, Tom was exceptional at his job, and he easily ranks among the top five percent of professionals that I have had the opportunity to work with. I am more than happy to provide Tom my highest personal and professional recommendation, and I would welcome the opportunity to work with him again."

Mark DemingPhD Student at the University of Chicago

"Tom was an excellent trainer and a great person to work for. My time with Maximo Nivel was very memorable and probably one of the most happiest times of my life. The course that Tom conducted gave me so much confidence that I never had before. As a result of my time with Maximo Nivel, I now have the confidence to do what I am doing now. Which is something that I thought that I would never of been able to do."

Guy FordCAD Design Engineer at RS Motorhomes

"Thomas Kearin was an amazing and inspirational teacher. His enthusiasm and communication skills helped insure the success of students in the language programs. Although the class was intensive and required a heavy work load, I loved the learning experience and was motivated by Thomas to work hard and do well. He was one of the greatest teachers I have had in my life. Thomas has the creative and enterprising vision to bring success to all of his professional activities. He has superb organization that promotes and assures success. He has the ability, wisdom and communication skills to propose new solutions, optimize current implementations, and plan effectively for growth into the future. I approached my studies with supreme confidence because Thomas was teaching the class. Thomas was involved in all phases of our activity. Often, his involvement would be from a project managing standpoint, but Thomas was always available for “higher-level” support and implementation. On many occasions, it was Thomas who rolled up his sleeves for actual “hands-on” work for those greater challenges. We often used Thomas as a “higher-level” Trainer when the need was justified. Thomas is a skilled communicator, as well as an excellent guide and coach. Thomas Kearin is a joy to work with. His unflagging sense of humor and positive attitude is contagious and brings out the best of those around him in all of his endeavors. With his optimistic outlook, Thomas does not buckle under pressure, but hunkers down to get the job done, and done right. Throughout the challenges we inevitably encountered, Thomas simply would research, collaborate, learn, and work to find the answers we needed to implement the best teaching solutions. Thomas’ work ethics are beyond compromise. His commitment to truthful communication and endeavor lends confidence to effective handling of all situations. His company/organization loyalty, dependability, intelligence, creativity, and tireless activities make him a uniquely valuable asset for any organization. He innately understands the need to gather relevant intelligence for any situation and determine the most effective way to utilize that knowledge, then simply gets the job done. It is my heartfelt belief that leaders like Thomas Kearin can bring freshness and professionalism to help foster and ensure the long-term success of great organizations and the people they serve. Please contact me for further information."

Gregory Charles Du BoisServing the Global Community

"Tom Kearin directed the Summer TEFL training program at Maximo Nivel’s school in San Pedro, Costa Rica. He also shared responsibilities for training students like myself in one of the two classes held August 2008, where I completed the TEFL-TESOL certificate program. He was thorough and incisive, rigorous as an instructor, disciplined in terms of meeting the needs of his students and ensuring that the high standards of the program and expectations of a very diverse student population were met. Tom provided invaluable feedback to his students. His criticism was always pointed, that is both to the point and exacting. And he was remarkably smart, well-versed, always prepared and always good-natured, funny and engaging. I respect Tom’s energy, creative spirit, professional integrity and his good heart."

Elaine BaskinJuvenile Court Investigator, Educ/MH consultant at Juvenile Court Hampden County MA

"I highly endorse Mr. Kearin for any position he seeks in the future. As a student, and later as an employee, I came to know him on both a personal and professional level and was duly impressed with his work ethic and character. While earning my TEFL certificate, Mr. Kearin blew me away with his in-depth knowledge of not only English grammar and structure, but what seemed an uncanny sense of how to instruct. He made me want to become the best teacher possible. Later on, while working for Mr. Kearin, I learned to take pride in my work and in a way modeled myself after his style. I feel lucky to have been molded in his style. His leadership skills were very apparent as he guided a school of roughly 1,500 students, 20 teachers, and other programs which offered volunteer services with natural ease. Maximo Nivel is lucky to have been partnered with such an adroit individual."

Todd PetersonOwner at Twin Cities Trivia Company

"Thomas Wayne was a great teacher. He made the material not only interesting but he was also supportive and did everything he could to help his students succeed. The class that he lead was a great expiernence because of what Thomas did."

David MaassenNon-Profit Organization Management Professional

"I’ve worked with Tom since September 2008. I had the privilege of being the final TEFL-TESOL class that he instructed before becoming full-time Director of Maximo Nivel. His charisma and energy were the first things to influence me. As an instructor, he taught each day with more energy than I had ever seen one person be capable of. His open character and friendly attitude really reinforced my decision to be an ESL teacher. If he could have so much fun at his job, how could I not have fun every day? If it weren’t for Tom, I would not have stayed at Maximo for over a year. As a director, Tom has created quality teams of teachers and staff, and he gains the respect of all those he is around. He is one of few people who have the ability to naturally push people around them to do their best and have fun. Tom would be an excellent choice for any company looking to improve or raise the bar."

J Michael KayHealthStream

"Tom was my TEFL trainer at Maximo Nivel in Cusco in January 2007. There is not enough plaudits and superlatives that can go to Tom to describe what an outstanding job he did as a TEFL trainer. He had a profound effect in changing my teaching style in such a positive way which I am extremely grateful for. Tom’s infectious positive energy towards teaching had and continues to have a very strong influence in my classrooms. What I admired about Tom was his absolute honesty when giving back feedback from his observations of me, in fact I thrived on it because I knew it came from the right place, as he just wanted me to become the best teacher that I could be. His door was always open if I needed some advice or direction and for that I am internally thankful. It gives me great pleasure to be able to give a reference for Tom. I have absolutely no doubt he will continue to make a success of his life in what ever path he chooses."

Larry ReefEnglish Teacher

"Tom Kearin was my TEFL trainer in Cuzco, Peru in October 2006. I learned a great deal from him in that short 4 week period as he is a very knowledgeable TEFL trainer. He has a very engaging personality which made the classes enjoyable. He is very dedicated and hard working and his enthusiasm shows through in his classes. I am sure he will be successful in whatever opportunity he chooses to pursue in the future."

Peggy MuldoonProject Manager at National Endowment for Financial Education

"I was fortunate enough to be at Maximo Nivel (MN) in Cusco, Peru last September when Tom Kearin offered his meticulously planned and frankly riveting class in teaching business English. Like my fellow TBEers I had earned my TEFL certification at MN and thus had had ample opportunity to observe Tom, who taught our week-long, full-day class while serving as Maximo Nivel’s General Manager, in action as he donned and exchanged his teaching and managing “hats” with no discernable difficulty. This I would attribute to Tom’s warm, engaging, outer-directed personality and formidable teaching talent. He is a bright, sharp, and engaging instructor who combines the skill set and discipline required for effective TEFL-TESOL teaching with terrific humor and generosity of spirit. I was particularly struck by Tom’s adherence to the careful pacing of his course even as MN administrative matters pressed. Known and liked by everyone at MN, when not in the classroom he seemed to be everywhere else at once. I credit Tom with having virtually saved the grammar paper I wrote as a TEFL student from a bloated lack of focus with some advice he called over his shoulder as he hurried from one MN obligation to another. My fondest ESL-related hope is to continue to benefit from Tom’s talent and example. He is a wonderful instructor and an extremely organized and effective administrator."

Heather Ann TzanninisForeign Trainer at Wall Street English China

"I attended TEFL Teacher training where Thomas Kearin was my teacher, furthermore in this area I consider him my mentor. It was a hard and challenging course but under his energetic, passionate and dynamic guidance I was motivated and inspired to do my best on the training and it didn’t feel overwhelming at all. He also was a model to follow in this course and a friend with whom you could always talk and ask for advice. As a teacher I liked his energy and charisma during the classes, for me he was bright, sharp and engaging, a model of how an excellent teacher should be. This made the course easy and fun to assimilate and encouraged me to do my best. He reunites the skills, discipline and attitude required for a great TEFL-TESOL teacher."

Dany GamarraSystems Engineer - SAP BI Project Manager : BW / BO / HANA - at Grupo Gloria

"Thomas Kearin is a passionate dynamic motivator. He ignites the classroom with energy and has a seemingly magic touch when it comes to educational training. On more than one occasion, I saw firsthand the effects of Thomas’ work translated in the in accomplished teachers with a passion for education and the students themselves. He is a hard worker who is dedicated to his craft. Thomas’ ability to connect with others is nothing short of inspiring. Endowed with this unique set of skills, he is able to make any curriculum shine. I can strongly recommend Thomas, and believe that any company would be better off with him on their side."

Todd WesselhoeftEnglish Instructor at Nanshan International Bilingual Shool of Shenzhen

"Tom was my trainer at Maximo Nivel in May/June of 2008 when I completed my TEFL course in Cusco, Peru. He did a fantastic job as he not only kept the course material interesting but conveyed all the important information in an easy to understand manner. He was not only extremely professional as a teacher/trainer but at the same time was very approachable and made the whole course fun and enjoyable. I would vouch for him in any role he chooses to pursue."

Blake RutherfordFNQ Regional Cricket Officer at Queensland Cricket

"My experience with Tom was professional and found him to be a very knowledgeable of his profession which mainly was in the Financial area at the time. He was very diligent in preforming his responsibilities’ and thorough in accomplishing his tasks."

Henry Michael CallFocus on current Real Estate holdings to improve operational status. Continue to generate new Real Estate projects.

"Tom and I both trained under Sensei Nick Chamberlain at Chamberlain Studios of Self Defense in the mid 1980’s. Actually Tom was my senior at the time having a rank of 1st degree black belt when I was a brown belt. Tom has an excellent way of teaching and clearly articulating himself when not only teaching classes but coaching me at the time. He is patient, caring and dedicated to his students. Tom has the highest level of character and I would recommend him without reservation. Not to mention he has a mean sidekick!  Sensei Paul Micciche http://www.dallaskenpo.com/kenpo_family_tree_micciche"

Paul J. MiccicheCOO and CTO at Veracity Network Inc.

"Tom brought a high level of enthusiasm and energy to our TEFL classroom. He engaged everyone in the class, and gave equal time and attention to everyone. He was clearly passionate about his job and looked for that same kind of passion in his students. His feedback was specific and supportive and helped me improve my teaching."

Diana StrangfeldLanguage Specialist at Spectrum Consultants

"I've always seen Tom as a very professional and hardworking person. He pays attention to every single detail. I think one of his biggest skills is his high level of energy that enables him to motivate other people. As my TEFL trainer he supported me even at times when I struggeled with difficult topics. I've also noticed that Tom always treats his employees and his customers equally with high respect."

Yanina SeifermannIntercultural Management and Communication Student