The Message Be Something Wonderful

Suddenly what you have been just isn’t good enough. You were born to be great, to be something wonderful.

With those words, I launched Be Something Wonderful in January 2016. I believed then as I do now that intuitively this was not just the right thing to do, it was the only thing to do. I have always known there is a greater work that I am supposed to be doing, and I have always felt this greater work must start with me.

There comes a time when you decide to stop letting others define who you are and what you can become. There comes a time when something inside you shifts and you are never the same. There comes a time when you decide to leave behind the old you—the follower, the supporter, the guardian, and the champion of other people’s visions and ideas—and pave your own road to greatness. There comes a time when you have such a powerful and profound sense of clarity about who you are and what you can become that you must act on it.

Be Something Wonderful is new, innovative, authentic, courageous, and transformative. It is a goodness. It is a greatness. It is the discovery of what you already intuitively know: an unlimited potential in you to be the best version of yourself, to be the person you already are, but many times get disconnected from. The real, authentic you is already perfect waiting for you to listen, connect, and act.

Be Something Wonderful® is you.

Tom Kearin, Founder & CEO
Be Something Wonderful