Gregory Charles Du Bois

Thomas Kearin was an amazing and inspirational teacher. His enthusiasm and communication skills helped insure the success of students in the language programs. Although the class was intensive and required a heavy work load, I loved the learning experience and was motivated by Thomas to work hard and do well. He was one of the greatest teachers I have had in my life.

Thomas has the creative and enterprising vision to bring success to all of his professional activities. He has superb organization that promotes and assures success. He has the ability, wisdom and communication skills to propose new solutions, optimize current implementations, and plan effectively for growth into the future. I approached my studies with supreme confidence because Thomas was teaching the class.

Thomas was involved in all phases of our activity. Often, his involvement would be from a project managing standpoint, but Thomas was always available for “higher-level” support and implementation. On many occasions, it was Thomas who rolled up his sleeves for actual “hands-on” work for those greater challenges. We often used Thomas as a “higher-level” Trainer when the need was justified. Thomas is a skilled communicator, as well as an excellent guide and coach.

Thomas Kearin is a joy to work with. His unflagging sense of humor and positive attitude is contagious and brings out the best of those around him in all of his endeavors. With his optimistic outlook, Thomas does not buckle under pressure, but hunkers down to get the job done, and done right.

Throughout the challenges we inevitably encountered, Thomas simply would research, collaborate, learn, and work to find the answers we needed to implement the best teaching solutions. Thomas’ work ethics are beyond compromise. His commitment to truthful communication and endeavor lends confidence to effective handling of all situations. His company/organization loyalty, dependability, intelligence, creativity, and tireless activities make him a uniquely valuable asset for any organization. He innately understands the need to gather relevant intelligence for any situation and determine the most effective way to utilize that knowledge, then simply gets the job done.

It is my heartfelt belief that leaders like Thomas Kearin can bring freshness and professionalism to help foster and ensure the long-term success of great organizations and the people they serve.
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