J Michael Kay

I’ve worked with Tom since September 2008. I had the privilege of being the final TEFL-TESOL class that he instructed before becoming full-time Director of Maximo Nivel. His charisma and energy were the first things to influence me. As an instructor, he taught each day with more energy than I had ever seen one person be capable of. His open character and friendly attitude really reinforced my decision to be an ESL teacher. If he could have so much fun at his job, how could I not have fun every day? If it weren’t for Tom, I would not have stayed at Maximo for over a year.

As a director, Tom has created quality teams of teachers and staff, and he gains the respect of all those he is around. He is one of few people who have the ability to naturally push people around them to do their best and have fun. Tom would be an excellent choice for any company looking to improve or raise the bar.