Larry Reef

Tom was my TEFL trainer at Maximo Nivel in Cusco in January 2007. There is not enough plaudits and superlatives that can go to Tom to describe what an outstanding job he did as a TEFL trainer. He had a profound effect in changing my teaching style in such a positive way which I am extremely grateful for. Tom’s infectious positive energy towards teaching had and continues to have a very strong influence in my classrooms. What I admired about Tom was his absolute honesty when giving back feedback from his observations of me, in fact I thrived on it because I knew it came from the right place, as he just wanted me to become the best teacher that I could be. His door was always open if I needed some advice or direction and for that I am internally thankful. It gives me great pleasure to be able to give a reference for Tom. I have absolutely no doubt he will continue to make a success of his life in what ever path he chooses.