Lucas King

The first time I talked to Tom was during my Skype interview for a job teaching English at Maximo Nivel in Cusco, Peru. He was the most senior staff at that location, yet he still took the time to personally interview all potential employees. The English teaching contracts are for six months only, so knowing that any or all of these interviewees could be gone in a few months didn’t stop him from creating meaningful relationships with his employees from the very beginning. His devotion to his position and company really show when he can walk around the premise and name every one of the dozens of constantly rotating staff members. Every month we would hold staff meetings for each department and every month he would ask each teacher for suggestions or concerns about the curriculum, clients, etc. I only ever worked for Tom for six months, yet he still remembers and reaches out to me. I have had only a few positive experiences with managers in my career, and Tom is one of the best. His positive attitude and concern for all those who work for him create an amazing work atmosphere. Tom was a great manager to me and I made many lifelong friends working for his uplifting company. I can’t wait to hear about what he does next!