Michael Harrington

Tom is a powerful force. Tom was one of my TEFL instructors in Costa Rica in August ’08 and subsequently became my manager while teaching in Cusco, Peru until February of ‘09. Tom brings a large quantity of positive attributes to the table. He has an unparalleled combination of intelligence, confidence, and enthusiasm, which is second to none. As my TEFL instructor, he would consistently bring a positive and energetic attitude to the classroom. He would always present new material in an extremely clear and focused manner. This, in conjunction with a strong attention to detail, enabled me to digest lots of new information in a short amount of time. He also provided me with honest and constructive feedback after the “mini-lesson” portion of TEFL training, which proved invaluable later on in my teaching.

It quickly becomes apparent after meeting Tom that he has a success driven mindset combined with a seemingly innate fearlessness to face all of life’s challenges head on. In addition, Tom possesses a fantastic sense of humor. He kept me laughing from day one until my final departure from Maximo Nivel and made my time abroad some of the best days of my life. He was the major reason I accepted a teaching position in Cusco, Peru. I clearly recommend him to any organization and fully support him in any future endeavors he chooses to pursue.