Rebecca Salome

Tom Kearin is a founder and director of one of the leading international educational organizations in the western hemishpere, serving both native-english speaking professionals who wish to enhance their careers and non-English speakers who need to become fluent and proficient in the global arena where English is the language of currency. Tom’s schools in several different countries offer state of the art programs to students and professionals alike, preparing them for the international employment marketplace. Tom is a charismatic and dynamic leader and mentor for his staff of professional language instructors, international project/team coordinators, and the hundreds of students and clients his school serves daily.

I benefitted from his guidance and leadership as director of the school where I received my international ESL and TBL certification and also had the privielge of taking a course directly from him in teaching Businesss English. The course was well designed, based on Tom’s many years’ as entrepreneur and successful CEO, and very appropriate for the needs of a global business clientele. Additionally, Tom was an inspiring and articulate source of knowledge, and the course was a blast!

I look forward to working with Tom or under his direction on any educational or entrepreneurial project at the present or at any time in the future. He is a valuable asset to the world of international educators.