Sonja Weich

Tom Kearin is a very energetic, creative and consistent TEFL instructor. I had a great time learning from him, as he taught my class the TEFL basics, and then worked with us, individually, to strengthen our teaching techniques and build our confidence. The structure of Tom’s classes allowed him to provide us with all of the necessary skills and information to become strong ESL teachers, in a matter of just a few weeks and it is because of his precision and tremendous teaching skills that I’m glad I took his class. I graduated from Tom’s TEFL course with a very strong sense of achievement, and a newfound confidence in my teaching abilities.

Tom is very professional, and handled even those students who struggled with great respect. His words were nothing but encouraging, and he definitely knows how to build energy in a classroom.

I have nothing but good things to say about Tom, and am very glad to have had the opportunity to learn this very valuable skill from him.