Todd Peterson

I highly endorse Mr. Kearin for any position he seeks in the future. As a student, and later as an employee, I came to know him on both a personal and professional level and was duly impressed with his work ethic and character. While earning my TEFL certificate, Mr. Kearin blew me away with his in-depth knowledge of not only English grammar and structure, but what seemed an uncanny sense of how to instruct. He made me want to become the best teacher possible. Later on, while working for Mr. Kearin, I learned to take pride in my work and in a way modeled myself after his style. I feel lucky to have been molded in his style. His leadership skills were very apparent as he guided a school of roughly 1,500 students, 20 teachers, and other programs which offered volunteer services with natural ease. Maximo Nivel is lucky to have been partnered with such an adroit individual.