Tom Kearin, Founder & CEO Announces the 111 Eternity Never Forgets Sponsorship Campaign

Be Something Wonderful introduces its newest, uplifting proprietary logo, Eternity never forgets, in conjunction with the launch of its signature sponsorship program by the same name.

LAS VEGAS, NV, February 20, 2018 /24-7PressRelease/ — Be Something Wonderful, under the enthusiastic leadership of its high energy, charismatic Founder & CEO Tom Kearin, is rolling out the 111 Eternity Never Forgets Sponsorship Campaign. The motivational, life coaching and consulting company is inviting each of you to participate with sponsorships of $1.11, $11.11, $111.11, $1,111.11, $11,111.11 or more as long as it’s a combination of the number one. You can become a Be Something Wonderful sponsor today with a sponsorship of just $1.11 by visiting or

“Each one of you has a unique and important talent and gift that is destined to shine more light on the world,” revealed Tom Kearin. “Go ahead–be exceptional, step out of the shadows, shine like you have never shined before, reach for the impossible, live boldly, love like crazy, laugh loudly, speak graciously, move courageously, give selflessly, exceed all expectations, break all barriers, dare to be it !,” beamed Kearin. “I started Be Something Wonderful with the simple idea of giving you hope, bringing you joy, making you smile–because it just feels good. And now my goal is to reach as many of you as possible with our magical, contagious message, and to help lead you to your true purpose and divine calling, or to cheer you on if you have already been lucky enough to find what you love to do.”

The number combination of 111 is said to be of great inspirational and spiritual significance indicating wonderful, new beginnings, great insight, and even spiritual enlightenment. Many spiritual teachers and gurus believe the occurrence of 111 is a message from your guardian angels and spirit guides that you are on the right track to new, amazing, and wonderful things, and that you are guided, looked after, and helped along your journey.

When you sponsor Be Something Wonderful for any combination of 111, you will have the option of becoming an official Sponsor of BSW and be listed on its website and mentioned on the Company’s social media. You will also receive a personal email from Tom Kearin welcoming you as an Official BSW Sponsor with a personal, powerful, inspirational message. Of course, you can also opt to be a silent Sponsor where the Company doesn’t publish or share any information about you or your sponsorship.

When you sponsor BSW with $11,111.11 or more, you will be invited to meet Tom Kearin in person and have lunch with him in Southern California. Note, you would have to take care of your travel arrangements and transportation to and from the lunch location. “Be Something Wonderful is not a nonprofit, 501c organization and is not currently structured to except donations,” explains Kearin. “The Sponsorship program is designed as a wonderful alternative to support BSW and our amazing message and journey.” If the Company and message resonates with you, visit to become an Official BSW Sponsor today.

Be Something Wonderful is developing a fresh, new approach to life coaching and corporate consulting that blends business and spirituality, creating a platform for transformative training that lifts, inspires and motivates you to be the best version of yourself in business as well as in life. The Company’s umbrella of products and services are wide-ranging, including life and corporate coaching, personal and spiritual development, executive leadership training and consulting, educational seminars and services, and more.

Be Something Wonderful, TomKearin and the TK logo are registered trademarks, and Dare to be it and Eternity never forgets are trademarks of Be Something Wonderful LLC, a Nevada USA limited liability company.

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