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What is Be Something Wonderful Anyway?

Joy. But wait that’s it? Yup. That’s it. Can it be that simple? Yes. It can. At the root of everything you chase, everything you wish for, and everything you desire: a big bank account, the perfect partner, an adventurous weekend, a happy family, a luxury vacation, loads of money, the perfect…

The Oracle Made Me Do It

“Listen to yourself!” Well, don’t mind if I do. That hunch. That nudge. That tingle. That itch. That inspiration. That gut feeling. That inner knowing. That inner voice known as intuition is constantly communicating with you if you would only listen. You just know you’re right, but don’t know why.

I Get It Now!

What if it were true? What if you were connected to this vast, invisible, vibrating, conscious energy field? The universal mind. Source energy. Divine intelligence. The quantum field. Or what some call God. What if quantum physics were right? What if you were powerful beyond measure?