Be Something Wonderful Believes in Your Genuine Greatness

Inspiring startup debuts with a powerful and moving video message

Las Vegas, Nev.–Nov. 15, 2016 /Press Release Jet/ (—Backed by the pure, positive energy of the Universe and the inspirational startup’s passionate Founder and CEO Tom Kearin, Be Something Wonderful is developing a fresh, new approach to life coaching and consulting that blends business and spirituality, creating a platform for transformative training that lifts, inspires and motivates you to be the best version of yourself in business as well as in life.

Kearin launched Be Something Wonderful in January 2016 with an overwhelming desire to “be something more,” and to inspire himself and others around him. By merging business and spirituality, Be Something Wonderful is shaping a universal message that every person can connect with on some level. And now this newly-born, enchanting enterprise is giving us an early glimpse of what’s to come with its inspirational video message being introduced with this press announcement.

“I’ve always known there is a greater work that I’m supposed to be doing. And I have always felt this greater work has to start with me,” reveals Kearin. “Be Something Wonderful is about unlocking that invincible part of you who leads life boldly with purpose, strength, clarity and focus. It’s about tapping into your extraordinary abilities and innate gifts to create a life that is authentic to you.”

Beginning with Kearin’s own personal transformation, Be Something Wonderful is now evolving into a passion and vision to help others with their unique journeys. When you enter the Company’s alluring home page at, you immediately get the sensation that this is something very different—indeed— “something wonderful.” Kearin adds, “It all starts on the inside. If you feel good and joyful on the inside, the outside circumstances can’t help but reflect your magnificent self.” Be Something Wonderful hopes to touch people from all walks of life with its impactful and uplifting message. As Kearin describes it, “It’s more than a powerful message. It’s a mission. Our vision is to shine a light on who you really are to discover that your power, passion and potential is limitless.”

Within a few weeks, this captivating statup will be launching The Shop at Be Something Wonderful on its website and facebook page offering a cool line of products displaying its unique logos. The initial product launch will include stylish t-shirts, sleek mugs, beautifully crafted pens, and a fun mouse pad, all carrying the Company’s powerful message. Each one’s designed to be a spirited and important reminder of your innate greatness to be the best version of yourself in business as well as in life. Following the product launch and in the months ahead, Be Something Wonderful expects to rollout a series of business and life coaching programs centered around its fresh and unique methods of transformative training. “It’s big. It’s bold. It’s beautiful. It’s here,” beams Kearin.

For more information, contact Tom Kearin and the Be Something Wonderful team at | T (702) 866-9085

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